Budget & Finance

Resolution for Adoption

by the Board of Education of Muskegon Maritime Academy

RESOLVED, that this resolution shall be the general appropriations of Muskegon Maritime Academy for the 2022-2023 fiscal year; a resolution to make appropriations; to provide for the expenditure of appropriations; and to provide for the disposition of all income received by Muskegon Maritime Academy.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the total revenues and unappropriated fund balance estimated to be available for appropriations in the general fund of the Muskegon Maritiem Academy for fiscal year 2022-2023 is as follows:


1xx Local $500
2xx Other Political Subdivisions -
3xx State $1,492,434
4xx Federal $45,000
5xx-6xx Other Financing Sources $80,000
Total Revenue $2,117,934
Total Fund Balance, July 1, 2022 Available to Appropriate: -
Total Available to Appropriate $2,117,934


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the $2,117,934 of the total available to appropriate in the general fund is hereby appropriated in the amounts and for the purposes set forth below:


1xx Instruction  
   11x Basic Programs $563,911
   12x Added Needs $107,743
   13x Adult and Continuing Education -
2xx Instruction  
   21x Pupil Support $34,831
   22x Instructional Staff Support $89,368
   23x General Administration $53,650
   24x School Administration $217,658
   25x Business Services $182,492
   26x Operations and Maintenance $352,288
   27x Transportation -
   28x-29x Other Central Support $50,000
3xx Community Activities $15,993
4xx-6xx Other Financing Uses $450,000
Total Appropriated $2,117,934
Projected June 30, 2023 Fund Balance -


FURTHER RESOLVED, that no board of education member or employee of the school district shall expend any funds or obligate the expenditure of any funds except pursuant to appropriations made by the board of education and in keeping with the budgetary policy statement hitherto adopted by the board. Changes in the amount appropriated by the board oshall require approval by the board.

Be IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) is hereby charged with general supervision of the execution of the budget adopted by the board and shall hold the department oheads responsible for performance of their responsibilities within the amounts appropriated by the board of education and in keeping with the budgetary policy statement hitherto adopted by the board.

This appropriation is to take effect on June 30, 2022.

Yvonne Crawford Signature